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Jeevan Jee
Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Value The work was completed to the entire satisfaction of our house inmates which I must say it's a good organised set-up.. Thanks to the people who worked in a friendly manner & responded well to our queries.. Staff- professional & well-behaved.. Happy & satisfied.. will recommend.. will call in another six months time..thank you..!!

Satish Nagarajan
Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Service was good. Owner is very responsive and prompt in providing the service.

Subramaniam B
Positive: Quality Well established and experienced people are on the job. No need to supervise the work. I am fully satisfied with the staff and work done by the team.

Sriram Mahdevan
Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value This is first team we tried using mechanised process for sump cleaning. The entire sludge were removed and basement was clearly visible. Thank you for your service

Venkat C R
Dr. Balanchandar sent his team as promised. What I really liked was his calling me when there was a potential delay in the arrival of the team. The team was fully equipped to clean my sump. They followed the 6-step process well and in a professional manner. One small hiccup was that when they first emptied the sump, they filled a huge barrel with the dirty water. I was aghast when the team member tried to use that water for cleaning the sump! When I asked him why he was doing that, he said a person in my house asked him to do that. Once I made him understand he must use clean water, things went well. One additional process that will be welcome will be washing the tank with clean fresh water (without chlorine) before the UV process and then removing that water completely. Something like rinsing your vessel. Overall an excellent experience.

Wonderful job done by MJ water solutions. Well mannered staff who maintained time management and executed the job with perfection and timely completion. I am fully satisfied with their work. MJ should continue the good work and good luck for future endeavours.

Sathyanarayanan P
Highly recommended Service, Thanks a million to Mr Balachandar for explaining about the cleaning service. His team is very professional and did the job within an hour, even the water in/out let pipes inside the sumps were cleaned well and the walls were being jet sprayed to remove any algaes. No supervision needed and they will not ask us for any additional help. Will book again after 6 months

Today we engaged the services of MJ Water Solution for sump cleaning in our Flat.Excellent work done by the technicians in an hour. Very nice behaviour. We strongly recommend the firm for sump cleaning work. Likely to utilise their services for overhead tank cleaning.

Kumar Manoharan
Our sump is about 24K litres and OH Tank is about 12K litres. We usually employ manual labour (about 3 to 4 people) provided with kits like buckets, bleaching powder, brush etc. MJ team came in a min van equipped with portable pump, vacuum cleaner, UV kit and other accessories. They need no supervision. Went about the job very professionally and with utmost satisfaction. How much did they charge? Exactly how much i normally pay for messy work done in traditional way. Thank you Bala. good job.

Nithyanand Sivaraman
We contacted Dr Balachandran for professional cleaning of our Flat overhead tank and sump which was not cleaned for more than year. Their 5 stage process of draining, jet cleaning using high capacity portable compressors, desilting and sludge removal with vacuum technology and final UV treatment ensured a spotless clean tank. I recommend MJ Clear water solution for professional water tank cleaning.

udhay kumar
I would recommend this company for cleaning. They did very good cleaning and carried out a thoroughly professional job. Excellent !!

Venu Ramesh
Had the service of cleaning the syntex tank 5k liter capacity and overhead tank capacity of 6k liters. The service is excellent and they have done a good job. I surely recommend their services to everyone. Initially they committed to come my place for cleaning after noon 2.30 pm. Due to some unavoidable reasons, the cleaning persons couldn't come to 2.30. i got a call from MJ and they conveyed me the delay genuinely which showed their professional service and perfection.

EK Selvaraj
Very professional team! They know what they are doing and the end result is above expectations. Bala, the proprietor is a very reasonable and professional man! Good job team! Keep it up!

Had the service of cleaning the underground sump of 30k liter capacity and overhead tank capacity of 10k liters. The service is excellent and they have done a good job. I surely recommend their services to everyone. They will bring all the equipment which is required. There is no need to monitor their service, they will finish the work as per the commitment given. Thank you very much for the overall servicegood provided.

Kavin selvaraj
Good cleaning... Nice coordination with employees.. thanks for the cleaning. Sludge removal, pressurized water cleaning, Antibacterial Solution pouring, UV radiation, etc...

venkataraman ganesan
Wonderful, professional approach to cleaning with latest gadgets. Team did a wonderful job. Kudos to the team

Rakesh Udesh
Very happy with the quality of work performed by the team. Would recommend them for any future tank/sump cleaning work for sure.

Kishan Rawat
I tool their services for tank cleaning at my house. They are absolutely fantastic in their job. Very efficient and very satisfied with their work..wish them all the best

Paddma priya Priya
Quality work at affordable price .staffs were disciplined and very professional.everytime I open my taps, clean water will keep reminding your service.thankyou

Daisy Dawson
Had our water sump cleaned by them. The mechanised services seems to be better than manual ones. And job was very well done. The tiles went Super clean. Dr. Bala Chandran who attended the call gave genuine suggestions and was very polite and prompt. Highly recommend

Ganesh Natarajan
I am completely satisfied with the service provided by the Team. As explained to me, they followed all the stages of scientific cleaning. Happy with the quality & the work ethics of the staff.

Tamil movie tech
Wonderful Job performed by this team yesterday in my apartment. After the work completion, the sump and Tanks are very clean and neat. Thanks Team.

Saravanan G
Very professional and prompt service. Would highly recommend for sump/tank cleaning service.

Subash N
I would recommend this company for has performed good cleaning without seeing time..great appreciation to balachandran and team .....

N. Velukkumar
Extremely satisfied with the way work has been done.Very professional and friendly staffs. Velukkumar Velachery

Boopa Rangarajan
Very professional and efficient service. The technicians Jagan and Mohan were as thorough as they were polite. Dr Balachandran who runs the firm is well informed and explains process thein simple terms. I wholeheartedly recommend the firm.

I recently had my water sump cleaned on 4th Jan 2018 by MJ Clear Water Solutions. I ,based on my search on a web portal , was first contacted by Mr. Balachandran who gave me a detailed walk through of the 6 step process they use to clean. The work done very professional way by 2 persons by bringing all the equipements required for cleaning as per the time fixed by me and work has been completed very neat and as per their 6 steps process. keep it up.

Guruprasad Sanjeevi
Mr.Balachandran explained me what will be the process followed. It was understandable. I had cleaned 2 overhead water tanks. The team which had come did a good job. I recommend this company to others as you can expect some reasonable work with explanation.

Sabin Cyril
Very professional and clean work done by the two staff who came to clean our tank and sump. Keep up the good work!

Jasmine Mary
I am happy with the service. They came on time with all equipments. Quality of work is good. Follow up by Bala sir to make our satisfaction is excellent.

Venkatraman K.K
Very prompt ,100% professional cleaning. Very systematic and decent. You get absolute ROI

Srini travel to cooking
I liked the total customer connect. The team is dedicated. Please continue your professional work

Shyam Prasad
The staff are very proficient in sump and overhead tank cleaning. They use latest German technology for cleaning sump and overhead tanks. I strongly recommend MJ clear water solutions for their services.

Kashyap Patel
I am extremely happy with the service and would recommend all my family and friends to take up this step towards hygiene and cleanliness. Thank you Bala sir for providing such a remarkable work for a valuable price.

Amardeep Kar
Good and perfect job thanks MJ

karthikeyan selvarajan
Quick and prompt service with latest technology at reasonable price.

Sudha Seshadri
I recommend this company to maintain our sump n overhead tank for cleaning, they done their job perfectly n the charges also reasonable,hearafter no more tension whom to call

Balasubramanian Nagarajan
Excellent experience, the team did a professional cleaning. Team is well trained, well behaved and I strongly recommend to those who need proper cleaning of sump, water tanks etc, use MJ clean water solutions.

Janardhanan Arayambath
Very professional service witnessed. The staffs were really committed and had done fabulous job. I would strongly recommend MJ service. Great job team, keep up the great work.

Mittapali Nagarajan Srinivasan
Very good job well trained staff

Ian Smith
About 10 days ago I had the overhead tank and water storage sump cleant and the 2 staff who came were found to be very polite and did an excellent job. Will definitely recommend this company to my family and friends and will not hesitate to use their services again.

Suresh Kuppuswamy
Very professional in pitching, commercial dealing & delivery of service.

Balaji Subramanyam
I have got our flats sump and overhead tanks cleaned by this company. I have noticed professional approach and their employees did their job sincerely. Now our tanks are very clean and all our residents are happy with the result. Another important point is their charges are reasonable. My thanks to them.

Div Pap
Excellent customer service by Mr.Balachandran. Good work by the technicians.

Kids Care Home Tuition
The cleaning done by this company is very much satisfied. Especially the 3 guys who done the cleaning are very good in work. They taken care everything. I suggest this company for cleaning water tank.

Krishna bhattad
My underground sump and overhead tank was cleaned by them Two persons with all required equipments had come at time as confirmed by them and done the job.The work was done as per the process given in their website.Charges were reasonable.No extra tips asked by the staff. I would strongly recommend them for anyone to consider.

Sooryakathir Kaakkallar
Very good job done by them and they work so fast and clean ..., worth calling them

I recently had my water sump cleaned on 4th Jan 2018 by MJ Clear Water Solutions. I ,based on my search on a web portal , was first contacted by Mr. Balachandran who gave me a detailed walk through of the 6 step process they use to clean. The work done very professional way by 2 persons by bringing all the equipements required for cleaning as per the time fixed by me and work has been completed very neat and as per their 6 steps process. keep it up.

Gayathri S
They did a fantastic job...a truly professional company...would highly recommend it

BhavaniShankar Gopikavasanthan
Extremely satisfied with their work. Highly professional and good customer service

Ramachandran Subramaniam
Mr Balachandran and his team needs great appreciation for the excellent job they have done in cleaning the underground sump as well as Ten overhead tanks, yesterday. Good Job. Keep it Up.

Abimanue Asokan
By random search on Google found this company, Booked an appointment , and completely satisfied with the way they worked, I strongly recommend this company for cleaning sump and overhead tank. To be added Professional Cleaning with timely work done 👍

Aravind Subramani
I recently had my water sump cleaned by MJ Clear Water Solutions. I ,based on my search on a web portal , was first contacted by Mr. Balachandran who gave me a detailed walk through of the 6 step process they use to clean. I booked an appointment . The crew of 2 professionals arrived dot on time. They had all things ready and did a great job. I was thoroughly impressed with the professional way they did the cleaning. I will surely recommend their services.

Shyamala Mohan
I got my underground sump and overhead tank cleaned by MJ clear waste solutions. Two experienced persons came and carried out a thoroughly professional job. As a civil engineer,with specialization in the public health engineering-for over 40 years I am amazed at the way they do their job. What you need to provide them is a 15 amps power point.Rest is managed by them The amount they charge is very reasonable considering the sequence of operations they Carry out. I would strongly recommend them for anyone to consider. K R Mohan

Srini vasan
I would strongly recommend this company for water cleaning service, Efficient cleaning and Corteous staff

Priya Subramanian
The service was good and on time. Balachandran explained the procedure well and the team was efficient. Thank you.

P Karthick
The work has been carried out professionally , the cleaning has been done satisfactory . Good work .

Radhakrishnan R
they have done a wonderful job and am happy to note that a portion of the charges levied goes towards the benefit of the poor. let us all join hands in promoting this noble cause and in the process get our water tanks cleaned

Sivasubramanian Duraisami
Prompt and a professional service rendered. Keep up the good work. Thanks

Praveen Kumar
Team has arrived the spot as committed, used all the mentioned stages, wiped out everything with no impurities left behind. Kudos to the entire team and MJ, will recommend to others too.

Gopalakrishnan K
I thank MJ Water Cleaning Team and Mr. Bala for the great service. Ours is a small house on a narrow street. From expertly maneuvering the vehicle to our house and efficiently cleaning our tank/sump, the team did a brisk and wonderful job..Thanks a lot...

J Rama Krishnan
Used to remind to clean at due date and very much adjustable for fixing cleaning date and time Besides cleaning staff comes to the spot with fully equipped materials and not asked anything Work done satisfactorily but only drawback ever time new staff comes for cleaning and made me to be present while cleaning to pass instructions

Temina Jebarani
When I was searching for mechanized water tank cleaning in web site for our AASHA Home, I came to know about MJ clear water solutions. From the very first day itself, their response to the call was very good. Their communication was very clear and prompt. Their work was very clean and good. And also happy to know that they are spending one part of their income for noble causes. We are very much satisfied. Thanks a lot.

Jayanthi Rajan
The staff were very punctual ,which itself made me happy ,at the outset...the team were 3 youngsters , who got on to their job rightaway and without wasting a moment accomplished their job to my fullest satisfaction ...excellent prompt ,courteous and good service...I strongly recommend these people ....thanks to Balachandran...the MD who made even more pleasant ,an experience...Good luck and God bless !!!

Npsi Chennai
Quality of service was good

Natasha Rosair
They were on time and were very clear about what services they could provide. In our case the main metro water supply was contaminated with sewage. We did not know the extent of the contamination in the sump. As requested, I was glad that they did the initial checks to see if it was safe for their staff to enter the sump. They did find high levels of gas present which could have harmed their staff. So they drained the water from the sump without entering it and suggested that we could get the sump cleaned after the metro water board retifies the issue with the main pipe line. I was glad that they valued the life of their staff and were not eager to make quick money. I had contacted them on urgent basis and they did not have sufficient time to survey the sump. Even we had not expected such high levels of contamination in a matter of one week. They did not charge us the estimated amount but only for the support they provided which was much less than what they had quoted. I was pleased that they did have all the necessary equipment and took safety precautions to support us. I am happy with their service and level of commitment.

Logesh R.M.
Punctual, polite, knowledgeable, clean and neat work. Our Builder didn't clean the sump and the over head tank properly. We had lot of issues, I was surfing in the internet and got to these people. These people know very well about their work. their punctuality was surprising. they paid very close attention to both the sump and the overhead tank. I have attached pictures of how pathetic our water storage was. they were well equipped too.

Mohamed Faizan
Everything was smooth and professional, they were on time and did the cleaning with perfection. Cleaning was done through a 6 stage process with high end equipments, the workers were focused with the work they were doing and gave no chance to complaint about anything. The owner of the Firm kept calling me to check the satisfaction of work provided by them, overall "Bravo"

Raveena Vijayakumar
The best people I have ever seen . The empathy displayed is simply exemplary . Satisfying customers is a hard job but they did it with ease. This was mainly due to their attitude of not saying no to any customer request. They had a dynamic approach and not a monotonous static one. Requirements change on every commencement of a job and they skilfully adapted and delivered the goods even at the cost of extra time with no nagging but hearty involvement .

Wonderful set of people full of empathy to achieve customer delight. It did not seem as outsourcing but had the feeling of inhouse involvement.

Such people need to be widespread so that money minded people in this profession need to weeded out ml

Good sir but please keep up this attitude. You will sure reach great heights in future.all the best 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏
Farook Majeed
I am indeed extremely satisfied with the response received from Mr. Balachandran the Manager. His workers arrived on time; completed job as committed; workers were found to be cordial and professional so quality of performance was good. The manager was administrating the entire cleaning process thru mobile contact with his workers. Manager explained the entire process before the job was commenced and was very supportive in scheduling the entire work. I strongly recommend this company is called for the cleaning job in future.
Sujatha Venkataraman
We were thoroughly impressed with the professional manner of M J Cleaning Services in which the whole process of cleaning of underground sumps and overhead tank was done in our house. The persons who came for the service were courteous and showed good proficiency in doing the job and brought all necessary equipment. Extremely satisfied. I would any day recommend M J Cleaning Services for their prompt attention.
Indu Gopal
MJ is the best! Grateful the prompt and efficient way in which our house water storage systems got cleaned. Lot of sludge after the rains... But the MJ staff did a great job. Thanks a lot to the team and Mr.Balachandran.
Manian V B S
While I was looking for professional service providers in Chennai to clean my drinking water sump, MJ clear water solutions were prompt to respond to my service request and clarify all my queries. I found it easy to shortlist them. They arrived on time with all the required equipments and did a clean job to my satisfaction. Truly professional people and worth recommending to other friends.
The team has executed cleaning of 52,354 cu.m sump in a superb manner. The sump was infested with dirt remains from metro water which was had foul odor and they were patient enough to dewater the huge sump and remove the sludge present in it. The second stage consisted of disinfecting the tank with liquid chlorine using high powered 'Kaercher' cleaning machine, following with drying of the sump bed using 'Bosch' vacuum cleaner and finally killing the micro-organism using UV technology. And thus my sump was spic and span. I strongly recommend this company as they are experienced and have a good knowledge. I wish them all the best.
Arun Kumar
Efficient staffs. fully satisfied with their service and with the advanced technology machines. Will appreciate the effort they taken that the neighbors should not be disturbed. Referred to all my friends.
We are satisfied for MJ Clear water Solutions. They were cleaning the Sump and Over head tank, sludge removal process , Vacuum cleaning and UV Radiator process was very well. Equipment's , Manpower and cleaning are fully satisfied.
This was great experience . Was so professional that they came with all the equipment needed and did there Job . What was missing was the builder has just put a non-return valve and did not have ball valve to close the incoming water . The team did not have required plugging material to get the incoming water to be closed . But was kind enough to provide suggestion so that I could get the required material to close the water after which they did there job perfectly
Karthik Raja
Excellent Service and Job done was very much satisfied
Gopi Krishna
The overall experience is great. The team did the activity as per the plan both quality and time. All our flatmate gave the positive feed back.
Amritha P P
We had a very good experience with MJ Clear Water Solutions.They arrived on time,did the work with perfection and made the common sump and overhead tank in our flat Super Clean and devoid of stingy smell.Proved they are professionals in this field.
Rajesh Jain
very good cleaning work for my water tank thanks mj water cleaning services
Bharath Nadadur
Very Satisfied with the work.
Indu Gopal
Awesome! Prompt service, Efficient cleaning and Corteous staff
Great and highly efficient work by their team. Am extremely satisfied with the quality of work done in my place. Appreciate their commitment in terms of their timing. Keep it UP Balachandran & Team
Karthik Kumaar
Very good service, on time commitment.
Jaya Krishna Apartment
They did a excellent job..Good service !
Raja Yadav
Work Nicely done.
Buhari Hapipa
One of the best water tank cleaners chennai. Good work.
K.Thirumalaivasan Kanniappan
Fully satisfied.Worth.
Yogesh Ravichandar
Very promising experience can be expected!
One of the best water tank cleaning service provider @chennai
Sundarr A
Good and Prompt service

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